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(2013) In Which We Run!

I need to start posting about all the fun we've had this summer, lest my children don't have documentation proving they are having the best childhood ever.  I will start with the Color Run! Earlier this summer, we "ran" the world's happiest 5K in downtown Chicago and had an absolute blast.  The word "run" is really used as more of a mosey in this case.  We overheard one lady, who was clearly in-it-to-win-it,  lamenting to her friend that "No one in this race is in any kind of hurry!"  Yup. My kind of race. If have a chance to do this run, you totally should.  We had all 5 kids in tow, and they did fantastic.

A Glorious Day in Chi-town.  Even waiting for the race to start was a big party.  Music, T-shirt cannons, free frisbees, bracelets, sunglasses, and lots of fun people. I promise you've never seen this many happy people at 7:30 am.

The Twinkies wanted a better view, so Seth (clearly in training for the World's Strongest Man competition) just threw them up on his shoulders. I seem to take a lot of pictures of Seth lifting very heavy things--like our children.  I make no apologies.

Oliver was far too fascinated with his own hands to look up for this picture. But you get the idea. Stuff got dirty. Awesome!

If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen these pictures. But since my mom doesn't even know what Instagram is, this is for her.  I hope my kids don't always have a fondness for face tattoos like they do now. Please bless they never pull a Mike Tyson on me.

Chanel makes everything funner.

The guy in front of me obviously took the brunt of that purple dye.

We made it!

Right at the end of the race Bennett's tooth fell out! He was pretty stoked to have a green tooth--not something generally encouraged in the dental industry.

After the race we headed over to Millenium Park to play in the Crown Fountain.

The front of the fountains (there are two huge ones facing each other) have pictures of different people's faces on them, that make different facial expressions.  Every few minutes the face spits out a huge blast of water from the mouth.  

Seth and the kids waiting for the mouth to shoot out the water....

the mouth water cannon. Both creepy and super cool.

The lesson learned from all this is:  My family is awesome, Chicago is awesome, 

The Color Run is awesome.  The end!

Seth Malley