The MalleyCats


(2012) In which I fall asleep at 8 pm on New Years Eve

I promise this is the last post I'll squeeze in before posting about the baby. I can't resist sharing one of our favorite family traditions wherein we pick a country and spend New Year's eve there learning about the culture, the food and most importantly: the mustaches.

This year the Malleycats "travelled" to Mexico--Ay-yi-yi!

The menu:
Chips and various dips--chorizo and cheese dip, salsa, guacamole
Shrimp tacos with homemade chipotle mayo and handmade tortillas
Grilled Skirt Steak Tacos with tomatillo sauce

The beverages:
Homemade Horchata
Jarritos in every flavor

The Dessert:
Homemade Churros

After dinner, it was our intention to play some traditional mexican games, but somehow the kids started their own game called, "you be the donkey and I'll ride on you"...which they took turns doing for long enough that I completely passed out on the couch. And when I woke up, the table was cleared, the dishes were done, and we were ready to light sparklers for the "countdown"

After a night of partying in Mexico, El Guapo and his banditos were all tuckered out.

Seth Malley