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(2012) In which we celebrate

I had to do a quick post about how we celebrated Bennett and the twinkies' birthdays this year.  We had a ton of fun planning two really easy parties that were big hits.  So first up--Bennett's party:

We are big, "Minute to Win it" fans in this house--easy, fun and quick games that anyone can play using stuff you generally have around the house.  So it was an easy choice as the theme for Bennett's party.  Chanel made a DVD of the "blueprints" for each of the games,  and the kids (about 12 in total) each played the seven different games we had ready.  The rest of the kids cheered each other on as they tried the different challenges.  Once we were done with games we had pizza, rootbeer and cupcakes. For the last 20 minutes or so the kids all played an epic nerf gun battle and ran around like maniacs.  As their parents came to pick them up, they all left sweaty and with giant smiles.  Easiest party ever!

The birthday boy playing, "Face the Cookie"

The super talented Michelle makes these cupcake toppers for us--Rad, right?

Some of the decor

This is the DVD Chanel made using Bennett's picture. It is super fly. Yeah, I just said fly.

The party favors: personalized water bottles filled with pixie sticks

The twinkies' party was based on an art theme.  We saw a groupon for a person to come and do face painting and art projects with the kids, and we knew that was the perfect thing for a boy/girl party full of 5 year olds.  As a very happy coincidence, Michelle (of cupcake topper fame) called me on the day of the party to tell me that she had access to a giant Clifford the dog costume, and would we like have him make a guest appearance at the party?  When would you ever say no to that?!  So, in addition to art projects, face painting and playing...the kids also had a dance party with Clifford (who was really Karl Browning and his sweet dance moves).  Fun was had by all, except maybe the one kid who thought painting was "dumb" and said of Clifford, "That's just a guy in a costume".  What a buzzkill!

Rainbow Push-Pop Cakes that were even more delicious than they looked.  Had I known how good they would turn out, I would have made like 20 more just to hoard for myself.

Seth Malley