The MalleyCats


(2012) In Which I Wait

You know that thing you do when you want to talk to your friend, but hold off on calling them because you think to yourself, "I'll wait until I have more time so we can talk for awhile" but then you never find more time? And then you say to yourself, "Now I really have to wait until I have more time to talk since so much time has gone by, and we have SO much to talk about" but then even more time goes by, and even more happens in your life, giving you even more to talk about with your friend, but now you really don't have enough time to talk since there's so much to cover.  Yet you'd love to talk to them right now IF ONLY YOU HAD THE TIME TO TALK?!  Yeah, that's basically what's happened with this blog.  I think about blogging--and then I have the aforementioned conversation in my head, only insert the word "blog" for "friend".   Stuff has happened, people. Lots of stuff.  Roadtrips, and reconnections, and reunions, and other stuff that doesn't start with the letter "R".  Things like summer, and parties, and houseguests, and homeschooling (yup, homeschooling). Now it's fall, and more things are happening, and I want to tell you about it.  I want to remember how hilarious my kids are right now.  And how perfect last weekend was.  And how much I love the people who come visit us.  And how much I love pumpkin things (although I'm pretty sure we've established how much I love pumpkin).   So that's why I need to write it down.  And I will.  When I have more time.

Seth Malley