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(2011) Pasatiempo de Tejon

El Tejon here - I have been thinking recently regarding my hobbies.  Since having kids, I think my personal hobby priorities have changed ... I prefer/choose to spend most of my non-work time with my Frau and rugrats trying to create some fun family memories.  Hopefully not all of these ‘memories’ will involve me saying “you better stop crying and start having a fun time” when the videos are played back, but I’m sure someone will edit those before they go on wedding videos. This past weekend we went to watch a kids theater company perform Sleeping Beauty in Chicago.  It was one of those where they have the kids yell and scream and call it participation, but it was a good time.  A weekend or 2 ago I took the kids to one of those BouncyTownVille-U-Up Stations and it was awesome.  I am just glad that there were a lot of kids there and the volume was turned up to 11, because I am pretty sure Oliver did not stop screaming at me the entire time (out of joy mostly).  He also made me carry him up 20+ foot slides about 1,000,000 times, so I'm writing that day down in the workout journal.  Both the bouncy town and play were worth about 12 points each on the good parents scoreboard, so I’m going back downstairs to play some Halo.  Before I go, back to my thinking and what I have come up with regarding hobbies (in no particular order):

CrossFit - I used to be more active and do a lot of running, lifting, sports, stuff.  But since all my medical issues, leaving the Air Force, getting a MBA, buying a business, starting a new business, having 4 kids, etc., I have a lot of excuses.  I have run 3 marathons, but the last was in 2006!  I enjoy ultimate Frisbee, but there aren’t any local pick-up games that I can find.  I love an annual Turkey Bowl and summer church softball games, but those only happen once in awhile.  I really enjoy snowboarding, but contrary to popular belief, it’s hard to enjoy GOOD snowboarding in Illinois or the Midwest.  (stop giving me dirty looks Michigan, when you can produce 2 feet of heaven-sent powder come talk to me).  Crossfit fills this void as it is a great workout that is always changing, it is competitive whether it be against yourself or others, it is scalable to whatever your fitness level, and I can do it at 6 am and not miss work or the kids.  I highly recommend it to anyone, no matter what your fitness background is.  It helps you relive the glory days without all of the glory day-reliving-associated injuries.   

Technology – Yes, I love technology…always and forever.  I really have one requirement of owning my own company: besides that I make enough money to keep food on the table, pay the mortgage, clothe the neckedness and all the other trivial things like that, I want the latest and greatest nerd toys.  I think it goes back to my childhood and not being allowed to have any pets besides a fish, but I digress.  I counted the other day, and I am pretty sure that I have had a total of 25ish iPods and iPhones pass thru my grubby little fingers since 2003.  Currently we have in our house 2 32gb iPhone 4s, 1 16gb iPhone 3Gs, 1 8gb iPod touch, 2 8gb 4th gen nanos, 1 120gb iPod classic and 1 60gb video iPod.  So what happened to all the rest of them you ask?  That brings me to my next hobby…

CraigsList – I love to buy and sell stuff.  Reyna says I am a swashbuckler, but I swear I can’t read minds so I don’t know why she keeps bringing that up.  But still, I enjoy buying and selling things.  And usually, I sell things for the same price or more than I bought it for originally – it’s a talent that should not be buried nor hidden under a bushel.  My addiction used to be filled thru a fillable Rx of eBay and PayPal, but it has been replaced today by CraigsList.  So simple, so comforting, so heart warming.  I actually created a simple CraigsList-esque bulletin board online program while at the Air Force Academy in 2001 for an e-commerce class.  Was it so that I could show off my awesome Frontpage programming skills?  Was it in order to get an A and bring up my dismal GPA?  Was it to create a forum to help eradicate homelessness in Iceland?  No dummy, I just had some extra gear that I wanted to sell so I could buy some newer gear.  

Church – Is that a hobby?  It takes up a lot of my time, especially as the Young Men’s Presidente, but I love doing this more than any other church calling, so put it on the board as hobby.  Besides, calling it a hobby makes it less of a job.  If I could get out of a few Sunday morning meetings, it would be even awesomererer.

Being a Ninja – this goes without saying.  Really, it goes without saying.  First rule of being a ninja is…

Big Gulps huh?  Alright!  Wellp, see you later.

Seth Malley