The MalleyCats


(2011) Nudiecorn!

Last night while sitting around the dinner table Chanel asked each of the kids, “If you could be any animal, what would you be?”

Lincoln: “A bat”
Chanel: “Why?”
Lincoln: “They can fly”
Bennett: “A chameleon”
Chanel: “Why?”
Bennett: “They can protect themselves by changing colors”
Lincoln: “Wait, should I be a chameleon? Or a Dragonfly? I don’t want to be a bat by myself. I want to be a chameleon too.”
Bennett: “He always wants to be what I am!”
Chanel: “That’s because you’re the big brother, and he thinks everything you do is cool.”
Eloise: I want to be a NUDIECORN !

I dare you to ever hear or say the word, “Unicorn” again without automatically thinking and/or saying, “Nudiecorn” instead. You’re welcome.

Seth Malley