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(2011) In which the twinkies turn 4

As seems to be the case from time to time, my children are getting older. Despite frequent threats that they stop growing, "or else" the twinkies recently had the audacity to turn four years old. And we had an excellent time celebrating it.

Their birthday morning morning they woke up to find the kitchen decorated in a pirate theme (of which I apparently took no pictures), and saw some pirate booty in the form of boxes of forbidden cereal on the table waiting for them. After a healthy bowl or three of cereal, the kids went off to play while I got started on making their birthday cake.

I had in mind to make a pirate ship--an idea I got from my friend Mandy, who had made something similar several years ago for one of her boys. It seemed pretty straight forward--and to my complete surprise, it came together easily and looked fantastic! (insert horn-tooting sound effect here)

I had it ready a few hours before our little family party, so I just left it on the counter. A little while later I walked by the counter to see that our ship was now a shipwreck

The cake fell apart for all the right reasons--too moist, the frosting too chocolately. It's general deliciousness steered it right into the rocks. Luckily the kids thought "shipwreck cake" was fun and weren't phased by the disaster on their plates. Four year olds are easy to please. For dinner we had "brinner" (breakfast for dinner) which Lincoln describes as, "So much better than regular dinner". There's nothing like pancakes for dinner followed by cake for dessert.

That Saturday was their big birthday party. We invited friends over for a dessert buffet and some old school games like sack races, three-legged races, and an egg carry.

Things I love about these twinks: I love how they love each other. They really are two peas in a pod. They play together all day long--and rarely ever fight (throw Bennett in the mix and there's plenty of fighting to go around--but for some reason the twinkies play swimmingly with each other) They are very protective of each other: Last year while they were still in nursery a little girl was kicking Lincoln. As soon as Eloise saw what was happening she flew at her and yelled, "Don't you EVER touch my brother AGAIN!" Then Lincoln said, "You're going to go to jail, because that's where bad guys go!" They obviously make an excellent crime-fighting duo. Another thing I love about them--they love to play dress-up:

Lincoln is most often seen wearing a backpack (which is either a jet-pack, or ninja pack depending on the day) at least two swords (one through his belt loops, the other tucked in the backpack), handcuffs, gloves, a mask and some kind of gun made out of trio blocks.

Eloise is generally wearing some sort of princess get-up, and her love of costumes has been enabled by the fact that grandma gave the kids DOZENS of costumes for our dress-up chest, which is in constant use. This picture is of a traditional Russian outfit Aunt Amy gave her. It's one of her favorites.

Also, how cute is this dancing picture?! I'm sure there will come a day where they won't be caught dead dancing with each other, but thankfully that doesn't appear to be anytime soon.

From this:

To this:

I couldn't love them more if I tried.

Seth Malley