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(2011) In which Reyna and Seth go to New Mexico

New Mexico: Better than regular Mexico! That was the destination of a recent trip Seth and I took to visit Timmy and Sara as they opened their new dental practice called Neighborhood Smiles of Albuquerque. Timmy is officially a dentist. In his own practice. And wears a fancy dentist jacket all day. It was fantastic to see him in action.

We spent a few days hanging out, seeing the sites and enjoying their fine company. One of the things we saw was a teeny tiny chapel that houses a mysterious stairwell.Here's the story:

Long ago some nuns had this church built and realized they didn't have access to the choir loft 22 ft above them (kind of dumb planning, no?). They consulted with some builder types who didn't have any ideas on how to build a staircase without taking up most of the space in the already small chapel.
So they prayed for 9 days for someone to help them, and after the 9 days a man arrived on a donkey with a bag of tools looking for work.

It took him 6 months to construct a staircase that is 20’ tall and has no center support. It's made of an apparently extinct wood species, and it was constructed with only square wooden pegs without glue or nails. It confounds architects, engineers and master craftsmen--no one can figure out how it was built, or how it stands. The man who built it disappeared without every saying who he was, or taking payment. Eerie, right!?

The railing was added like a hundred years later when they finally realized that going up a flight of stairs with three- 360 degree turns and no handrail was not nearly as freaky as coming down a flight of stairs with three- 360 degree turns with no handrail

Don't these two make a fine looking pair? I'm pretty sure they wish they could quit each other.

Sara and I are sporting hats that fall more in the category of "Retired-in-Florida" than "Cowboy". It's Grandpa-chic.

And this is Miss Lily. She is betrothed to Oliver. The secret to arranging a marriage for your children is to make them think it was their we're planting the seeds early!

This is Dirk. Dirk is...well.....special. Let's put it this way. He's lucky he's cute. Which may sound mean, but I say the same thing of my children on a regular basis.

Among the other highlights of the trip were life-changing nutella brownies Sara made that I pine for constantly since having them. And crazy-good turkey burgers Timmy made. I didn't even know turkey burgers could be that good. You can't be surprised that I include food as some of the highlights. Food is memories you can taste. I just made that up. Is that profound? Or stupid? It's bound to be one of the two. Either way, you should fly to Albuquerque just to eat the breakfast burrito I had at the airport. And then you should go get your teeth cleaned by Dr. Bueno at Neighborhood Smiles. You will be glad you did.

Seth Malley