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(2011) In which Bennett turns 6

You know the kind of post I'm about to write. The one where I talk about how it's my kid's birthday, and how he is getting older, and how great he is and all that jazz. I'm just saying.... you've been warned.

6 years ago Bennett was born. It was Easter Sunday when I was induced with him. I remember having a lovely Easter dinner with our dear friends, the Kopps, and then leaving their house to go to the hospital and saying, "Bye! We're going to have a baby now!" I had no clue what I was about to get into. In the moments before he actually emerged I thought, "I'm about to be someone's mother. I'm going to have a son." I couldn't have known what that would mean a few minutes later, nor in the weeks, months and years to come.

When the nurse came to take Bennett to get circumcised the day after he was born, I took that opportunity to take my first hot shower (I didn't realize then what a rare commodity that would become). At some point while I was showering the nurse returned Bennett to my room. I didn't know that was the case until I heard him crying. My head was covered in shampoo and I was a big, wet, slippery mess...but without a moment's hesitation I flew out of that shower to get my baby. I realized in that moment that I had it! The motherly instinct I didn't know I had. I stood there in all my soggy, soapy-eyed, naked glory and held that sweet baby and knew that I would love him forever.

He amazed me from that day forward, and continues to do so. It's still sometimes hard to believe that he is my son, and that I am his mother. He is the guinea pig of my parenting, the leader of the pack, the blazer of the trail, and the child that made us a family. I am so glad he's mine. Being Bennett's mom rocks.

So to celebrate turning 6 we hosted a bowling party for his friends that included cosmic bowling, glow necklaces, pizza, cupcakes and arcade games. Pretty much fool-proof fun.

I have Michelle Browning to thank for designing the cupcake picks. I took the picture, and she did the rest. They make me so happy. We used this image on the goody bags and thank you cards too.

For his actual birthday Bennett requested the following food.

Breakfast: Waffle Dogs (a breakfast sausage dipped in waffle batter then deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar and dipped into maple syrup. You have not lived until you've eaten one.)

Lunch: McDonalds. Which for the record he didn't actually eat, but had a great time at the playland with his siblings and his friend, Gabe the babe.

Dinner: Indian food (chicken korma, beef coconut curry, basmati rice and naan bread)

Cake: Double Chocolate Mousse Torte. Ok, he didn't choose that. I did. But the kid will eat anything and I was dying to make it. Holy cats it's good....

My top 6 favorite things about Bennett are:

1. His toothless smile. I will be kind of sad when his front tooth finally grows back in.
2. His adventurous spirit: He will try anything-- any food, any experience, any new thing.
3. His snuggledyness: He's always up for a hug, a kiss, a snuggle, a hand holding
4. His responsible nature: He takes any task seriously, and rarely needs to be reminded twice
5. His capacity for learning: He loves to learn new things, and retains information like a sponge
6. His love of family: He enjoys nothing more than being with his family. Me too.

Seth Malley