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(2011) Boys are Weird

Recently Seth told me about a race he wants to do called the GoRuck Challenge. He said he wants his BFF, Timmy, to come out for a weekend and run it with him. You may remember that Seth and Timmy ran the Warrior Dash last year. As I read the description of the GoRuck Challenge I laughed at the phrase, "To pass, you and your fellow Challenge takers all wear GORUCK backpacks stuffed with 20 lbs of bricks across a grueling trek ranging from 12-18 miles and lasting from 6-9 hours....because tougher=more fun" And then I thought about how weird boys are. Their idea of a fun weekend is to crawl through mud and be pushed to their physical limit. Seth and Timmy also want to go on, "The Amazing Race" which would probably result in a divorce if Seth and I were to compete on that show together.

When Mandy came to visit me in January (and for the record, you know someone is a true friend when they come visit you in Chicago in January) we spent the entire weekend just sitting and talking and bonding. I think we left the house 3 times. Twice to procure food, and once to go buy fat pants at Walmart. We had the best time! That's not to say Mandy and I wouldn't enjoy running a race together, but we definitely enjoy our down time too.

Luckily, despite the fact that Seth and I have very different ideas about what is fun at a boys or girls weekend we always have fun when it's co-ed. Coming up...details of our recent trip to New Mexico to see Timmy and Sara!

Seth Malley