Sunday, March 13, 2011

Boys are Weird

Recently Seth told me about a race he wants to do called the GoRuck Challenge. He said he wants his BFF, Timmy, to come out for a weekend and run it with him. You may remember that Seth and Timmy ran the Warrior Dash last year. As I read the description of the GoRuck Challenge I laughed at the phrase, "To pass, you and your fellow Challenge takers all wear GORUCK backpacks stuffed with 20 lbs of bricks across a grueling trek ranging from 12-18 miles and lasting from 6-9 hours....because tougher=more fun" And then I thought about how weird boys are. Their idea of a fun weekend is to crawl through mud and be pushed to their physical limit. Seth and Timmy also want to go on, "The Amazing Race" which would probably result in a divorce if Seth and I were to compete on that show together.

When Mandy came to visit me in January (and for the record, you know someone is a true friend when they come visit you in Chicago in January) we spent the entire weekend just sitting and talking and bonding. I think we left the house 3 times. Twice to procure food, and once to go buy fat pants at Walmart. We had the best time! That's not to say Mandy and I wouldn't enjoy running a race together, but we definitely enjoy our down time too.

Luckily, despite the fact that Seth and I have very different ideas about what is fun at a boys or girls weekend we always have fun when it's co-ed. Coming up...details of our recent trip to New Mexico to see Timmy and Sara!


If you were to create the name of a place where I would want to go, it would never involve the words "Science" and/or "Industry". On the contrary, it would probably have words like, "Leisure" and/or "Napping". So when Seth bought the Groupon for a membership to the Museum of Science and Industry I was a little less than enthused. I figured it would be one of those things that was good for the kids, and that I would do out of obligation for the education of my offspring. Lo and behold, it's the best museum I've been to in Chicago! They have a captured German U-Boat from W.W.II which is super cool (the story of how it changed the war is really fascinating). They have science experiments where they blow stuff up, a hands-on water area, A tornado, and lots of trains--just to name a few. And as a huge bonus, you can park in the parking garage and walk right into the museum without ever having to go outside--which is really nice in the winter where you generally have to get all bundled up just to walk a block and then have to figure out what to do with all the coats/hats/gloves etc. once you get inside

Sorry about the formatting on these last few pictures. I'm still getting used to blogger vs. iweb, and I have no clue how to make that look normal. Clearly I need to talk to the resident tech guy. Anyway...those last two pictures are of Oliver laying on the floor throwing an epic tantrum, and of train engineers standing in front of the first train ever to go over 100 mph.

Following our museum adventure we took the kids to a train-themed restaurant called "All Aboard". You sit at the counter and a little train delivers your food. Thomas the tank engine adorns the walls and there is train paraphernalia (I just had to look up how that was spelled. Did you know there was an "r" in that word?!) everywhere. Oliver freaked out every time a train came down the track. He would stand up and yell, "choo-choo!" until it had come and gone. And in the hour we were there that never got less cute or less funny.

So in summary and in conclusion: Go to the Museum of Science and Industry. Or as it should be named, "Museum of random stuff that is funner than taking a nap".

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Ladies Man

This is a picture of Bennett's first love note. It's from Cailey, a darling girl who was on his soccer team and goes to his school. Her mom told me that she was so excited to give it to him at recess. She's been crushing on him for some time now. Bennett has absolutely no clue what that even means! I remember my preschool teachers telling my mom that I needed to stop kissing boys on the playground. Apparently I was a little hussy. I can't imagine Bennett smooching a girl. EVER.