Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gingerbread House, minus the gingerbread

The fine gentlemen of EpicMealTime have created my new hope for Christmas Day breakfast/brunch/snack/lunch/snack/dinner/dessert time.  It's called "The Slaughterhouse - a gingerbread house, minus the gingerbread, replace it with slaughtered animals".  I have eaten some crazy things before ... I once made a 1lb cheese/bacon/guacamole/onion/tomato/lettuce/bun burger with my man-child Timmy and we felt pretty awesome about ourselves.   (We then proceeded to run 5? miles in the Colorado mountains and didn't feel so awesome about ourselves.  Oh college, those were the times of our lives).  Anyways, EpicMealTime fellas make me feel like a baby, and I am ashamed.  Watch this, and then watch their other ones for some great meal ideas.

Favorite lines that will be added to the Malley Household:  "What up, Ribs" and "We made a meatboy...because".  Enjoy -  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Veterans

On November 16, 2010, Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta of the 173rd Airborne will become the first living Medal of Honor recipient since the Vietnam War. His actions occurred in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley during the deployment chronicled in the movie "Restrepo." Watch this fourteen-minute video for his story.  Note: he's in the Army, and he talks like he's in the Army.


The Sal Giunta Story from Ryan Blaind on Vimeo.

If you have the chance, read the book "War" by Sebastian Junger and the accompanying movie "Restrepo".  Both offer a unbelievable look into the lives of men and women who are still serving today and what the future holds for them and our country as these Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Seaman return to society.   

Here is a link to the article chronicling his story in Vanity Fair: 

The Honor of His Company

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm a Creeep

In the spirit of Halloween I found this video which is creepy, sad, brilliant, whatever.   Also it has an amazing rendition of one of my favorite high school songs.  When I hear this song I think about having it on a mix TAPE and playing it for my mom in the mini-van (aka the Mormon spaceship) and worrying her a little bit.  Enjoy (ps the song f bombs 2x.  sorry)

Creep (Radiohead) - Scala & Kolacny Brothers from Alex Heller on Vimeo.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm missing something here

So the other night I was watching a certain show that I will not mention because it will subtract 10 point from my overall manliness score, but since my score's pretty low anyways...The other night we were watching Glee and it was entirely based on the timeless works of one said Britney Spears.  When they did the "Hit me Baby" song, I realized that I did not have a recollection of that song ever happening.  But since its on TV, and if its on TV it must be real, I asked Reyna about it.  Reyna informed me that it came out while we were on our missions in Austria, and that we kind of missed the Britney hype.  (Sidebar: While I missed the Innocent Britney days, I did not miss the Crazy Britney days, so I think that it was a win in the end).  For those not knowing, when you're on a mission, you sacrifice 2 years to teaching others about Jesus Christ, and one of those sacrifices is that you miss out on a few 'societal' items
- No TV, movies, videos, dvds, beta tapes (unless your a bad person like me and have an American member tape the super bowl both years and then hoard all your American food stuffs and gorge yourself)
- No reading the newspaper (although in Austria it's all in German, so that would make sense since my German sucks.  Just ask the Austrians) 
- Some other stuff that on the Not-To-Do Rules
This got me thinking about what else happened from July 1998 to July 2000 in the world?  Here are a few of the things that I found when I googled 1999 on my iPhone while driving home from work...

1998: Bill Clinton impeachment & scandal: while it had started before I went on the mish, the good stuff I missed first hand.  But every Austrian wanted to talk about Clinton and not the Book of Mormon because the old timers wanted to trash America and it was as good a reason as anything else.  But funny side to the story is that the Austrian president (at the same time as Clinton) hooked up with his secretary, divorced his wife, and then married said secretary.  Really people?  At least our president was decent enough to lie about it, then finally admit it and act sorry, and then let his wife run for president just to show her he was sorry.
2 US Embassies were bombed: if we only knew that those were a precursor to 9/11.  
I just have to drink milk?
Price is Right aired episode 5000: The price is wrong ... Bob

Home Run chase between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire: I actually saw a few games before I left for my mission in June - Sammy hit 3 home runs in 2 games that I attended, and McGuire just missed hitting a home run against the White Sox and the Sox fans booed their own player because he caught the ball.  But does anyone really care now that we know about the 'roids?  I mean, hooray, Seth can dunk a basketball and hang on the rim over people.  But the basketball is a mini ball, the rim is only 8' high, and by people I mean my 5 year old.  Its not hard to be awesome when you cheat.  Take it from me, I'm a professional. 

America bombed Iraq: AGAIN.  Face it Iraq, we've been f'ing up your country for a long time, so don't get all cocky because we say we're leaving.  We probably won't be gone long, so try not to get comfortable. 

Ginger Spice left the Spice Girls: If only I'd have been there.  I might have been able to keep them together, and then we could have found out what they really really want. 

Columbine - for most people this is probably one of those things where you never forget where you were when you heard about changed school security/safety forever.  I found out awhile after when an American Time magazine was delivered to a member's house.  I was at the Sperrer's apartment in Gmunden, Austria (look it up, its gorgeous) and she told me that I should probably check it out.

The NBA went on strike: Didn't care then, don't care now.  Is the NBA still around, or has it been replaced the the National Crazy-Tattooed Oversized & Overpaid Crybaby Association?

The Euro debuted: This one I knew about because it meant that my Austrian Schillings were going to be obsolete.  But they didn't get rid of all the other money at the same time, so I had to learn 2 exchange rates so I could figure out if I was getting a good deal or not on Lederhosen.   

Kennedy died in a plane crash: that's why I don't fly crazy little planes.  Hear me Timmy, I'm not flying with you.  So stop asking

Y2K: Nothing actually happened.  Except that I went to a snowboard contest in Vienna until the clock struck 12.  You didn't want me to be stuck in my apartment in case the world ended did you? 

2000: Playstation came out, Gore vs. Bush, Elian Gonzalez drama, Microsoft anti-trust case, and some other stuff.  But then I ran out of steam and gave up

And that's what I got for you.  The only other thing that I missed was your mom.  BOOM.  What'd you miss?